Rules composition

IV International competition
young musicians "Paleski Agenchyk"
in memory of Yuri Blinov
November 1-30, Drogichin

Conditions of the competition:
category "Composition"

The fourth international competition-festival for young musicians "Paleski Agenchyk" in memory of Yuri Blinov will be held remotely from November 1 to 30, 2020.

The application deadline for the Composition category is November 1, 2020 inclusive.

Applications are submitted online at the website of the competition

Age groups in the category "Composition":

  • junior group - up to 10 years old inclusive;
  • middle group - 11-13 years old;
  • older group - 14–17 years old.


Order of conduct is carried out in the form of consideration of the submitted scores of the competitive works. The selection takes place incognito - the jury will only know the age of the authors. Second round Participants of the competition send a link to the recording of the performance of the competition work.

Requirements for the Competition Work

Younger group - a cycle (at least three pieces) for a solo instrument, or voice with accompaniment, or for an ensemble of up to three participants.

Middle and senior groups - a cycle (at least three pieces) or a work of an expanded form (sonata, fantasy, ballad, etc.) for a solo instrument or voice with accompaniment, or an ensemble of up to four participants.

The score of the competition piece is sent with the application as a digital file (computer set or scan) in PDF format. Important! The score should not contain any indication of the author's name, his place of residence, study, etc.

Registration fee canceled.

The jury of the competition will include not less than 4 famous Belarusian and foreign composers.

Chairman of the jury of the category "Composition" - Valery Voronov (Germany).

Prizes and awards

The jury has the right to divide the prizes of the competition, including the first one, or to award not all prizes. Finalists who did not take laureate places will receive a finalist diploma. Authors of the most interesting works that did not qualify for the finals receive honorary diplomas and the title of diploma winner of the competition.



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+375 16 443-67-04 (Sergey Podluzhny).

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