The Fourth International “Paleski Ahienchyk” Competition-Festival

The Fourth International “Paleski Ahienchyk” Competition-Festival in Memory of Yury Blinov for Young Musicians will be held May 28–31, 2020. Application Deadline — April 28, 2020.

The competition is held in the city of Drogichin, Brest region for the fourth time, starting in 2014.

The main organizer and art director of the competition for all these years has been the Musician, world-famous pianist, composer, doctor of musical arts Yuri Blinov. He carried out titanic work to organize an international competition of young musicians, unique in the history of independent Belarus. Many outstanding musicians from around the world responded to the initiative of Yuri Blinov. Over the years, the jury of the “Paleski Ahienchyk” included famous musicians, artists and educators from Belarus, Germany, China, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, the United States, Ukraine, France and Estonia.

The international scale of the competition is confirmed by both the composition of the jury and the representatives of the participants: in the first competition in 2014, 218 participants from 8 countries took part; in the second competition in 2016, 160 from 15 countries, and in 2018, 134 young musicians from 11 countries participated in the competition. In 2018, for the first time in the history of the competitions of young musicians in Belarus in the “Piano” category in the second round, pianists from the Senior Group and Group “Young Artists” presented a competitive program with a symphony orchestra.

Yuri Blinov died on April 21, 2019. He passed away “on the run”, not having reached 5 meters to the finish line of the ecological half marathon in the city of Gomel.

Friends and colleagues of Yuri Blinov, domestic and foreign musicians, teachers, public figures offered their help and decided to continue the competition and not to let “Paleski Ahienchyk” to fade away.